Seline Ines

About Seline Ines and Spirit Kink

A little about me, I am a lover of life and all that it offers - the dark, the light, and all that's in between. I am a priestess of the Sacred Mysteries, an initiator of initiators, and a facilitator of ecstatic spiritual and sensual states.

My spiritual and sexual expressions and practices are an integral part of me the two are not separate which shows in all that I do, both in my private practice and in my public work. I am a practising Witch, Priestess, Seductress, Mystic, Initiator of initiators, I am a facilitator of ecstatic spiritual and sensual states. Having had the pleasure of sharing deep transformational work in the way of events and gatherings within the pagan communities in Melbourne, Victoria for over two decades, the experience knowledge and growth I gained were shared with all who sort after the learning via way of creating transformational rituals, intensive workshops and weekly mentoring circles.

After stepping back from the community to take some well-deserved personal time, Spirit Kink was fully birthed again as an extension of self and the deep desire to provide a sanctuary in which all feel safe, safe enough to explore deeper aspects and find the deeper connections to self and Spirit.

The deep joy of sharing my life's work with all who cross my path. In order to embark on the next chapter of my personal journey, and the creating of Spirit Kink the decision to resign as an authorised Pagan and Civil celebrant (over 12 years) was an easy one to make. For me, sexuality, sexual expression and spirituality go hand in hand, therefore creating a temple dedicated to the exploration of earthly delights, spirited sensuality and ecstatic liberation was an endeavour that finally materialised after 16 years. Combining my spiritual expressions and practices together was a natural progression as it is an integral part of all that I am and share, both in my private practice and in my public work. I enjoy many things including deep trance-formative ritual, sex magick, trance and procession workings and dancing to the rhythms and cycles of life, I enjoy open fires and the sounds of drums, the love and respect of like-minded souls and meaningful relationships.

I am excited to continue my journey by bringing self-discovery and SPIRITED KINK to Melbourne and the world.

Priestess and Lady


Witch, Initiator, Ritualist, Educator and event Facilitator. Seeker & Weaver of Spiritual & Erotic intimacy & wellness. Spirit-guided energy worker, Dip Hypnotherapist specialising in Regression, Conscious Kink and Shadow Tantra Practitioner, Death Walker, Baby Domina

What I’m doing next

After a lifetime of private play, I am excited to be sharing my vision my wisdom and my experience with this community.

As a Priestess I have had the divine pleasure of sharing my unique craft to hundreds of individuals through my personal practices and teachings.

To empower another in find their personal strength to be challenged, to take that step into their personal place of power.


A Priestess of the Old Ones the Divine Mysteries I am an initiator of initiates with over two decades of facilitating life transforming experiences, which have been informative, challenging and empowering for hundreds of individuals who have shared in and experienced my personal sensual, energetic style of crafting.

Seline's magick is something to be experienced, to be lived and to be transformed by, to bring into your everyday lives: to live with heart, soul, integrity and ecstasy. Seline is known as the Seductress who has a natural ability to bring out the sexual, sensual erotic in all who venture into her web! She has earned a great level of respect for herself, gaining recognition both throughout the Australian and international communities.

Look OUT for my up and coming Workshops, Ritual kink experiences, and more.

Dates to come and will be posted asap.

Watch this Space!


Rammy Fallus
5 February 2018

I am a pro-dom, hired the space for a weekend and it provided a setting for a truly memorable experience.Location was exactly what I was looking for, on the fringes of Melbourne yet connected to nature giving the peace and privacy that I like in an accommodation that holds space for kink play. Wonderful Seline is exceptionally accommodating, helpful and professional. The environment and facilities inside and out of the dungeon are welcoming, warm and friendly.

Hygiene is important to me in a kink setting, and I can confirm, the play space is spacious, immaculately well-presented and clean with all the necessary equipment and gear needed for a fun weekend (unlike the typically cluttered playspaces). Some gear I was very familiar with and others were new to me but Seline was delightfully helpful at explaining things and putting me and my partners at ease.

And, one more thing: THE SWIMMING POOL! Perfect cooling and relaxation area for after... and before... Thank you, Seline, for a lovely weekend.

Shiela Reynolds
4 February 2018

I was a bit nervous about staying at a kinky Bed and Breakfast, but my partner promised we would take things at a pace that I was comfortable with. So, we booked into Spirit Kink and before you know it there we were with our new set of toys and outfits. Despite her title Priestess Seline was friendly and welcoming and put me at ease. After taking a tour of the various rooms we settled in, got dressed up and started testing our new toys. I was so excited by the dungeon set up that it was ME who suggested we go and try out some of the equipment.

My partner tied me to the amazing rope frame, then I bent him over one of the spanking benches, and then we took turns having a go on the swing! OMG, it was amazing! It was such fun sharing the space with the other guests, it felt somehow naughty and social at the same time. We spent most of our time in there. Being able to have a nudie swim whenever we wanted was an added bonus. Next time we go we will stay longer and maybe check out some of the attractions of the Yarra Valley; if we make it out of the dungeon!

Thank you so much for a wonderful time Priestess Seline, we can’t wait to come again.

Hawthorn Stewart
4 February 2018

Choosing to spend a kinky, sexy weekend at Spirit Kink B & B turned out to be the best anniversary present we could have given ourselves. The setting was lovely and our hostess Priestess Seline was discreet, empathetic and supremely helpful when needed. We played in our room on the king-sized bed, with fitted restraints, swam and lazed naked in and around the heated outdoor pool, and chatted with the other guests. We regret that we were a bit too shy to play in in the sumptuous shared dungeon space. But next time (there will be a next time!) we will definitely do that; we can’t wait to try out the spanking benches, sex swing and the totally decadent, fantasy-inducing suspension frame! Or maybe, if we can’t wait that long, we’ll make it to one of the play parties Priestess Seline has planned in the near future! Thank you so much Priestess Seline for you inspiring venue and your warm welcome!

Cheers H

Katherine Cunningham
4 February 2018

My stay at Spirit Kink was incredible. From the well-appointed rooms to the awesome setting of the pool, such a luxurious experience. I had the delightful pleasure of partaking of many delicious meals, so I highly recommend fitting in at least one meal. As for the main reason to choose Spirit Kink as stay where you play venue, the Dungeon is Magnificent. Bespoke furniture designed with so many options, letting the imagination run wild with possible scenes! I am sure to return, again and again!!

Artemisia de Vine
11 January 2018

I have been a professional and lifestyle Domina for two decades now and I had the opportunity to spend a delightful week at Spirit Kink. This stay where you play bnb is classy, well equipped and recharges the soul just to be there. Seline, the host, is so warm and welcoming. She is definitely LGBTIQ friendly. I especially loved the huge dungeon with tailor made equipment and skinny dipping in the outdoor pool. Highly recommend your next group holiday or romantic/naughty get away be here.