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The Priestess Seline Ines is an initiator of initiates with over two decades of facilitating life transforming experiences, which have been informative, challenging and empowering. Hundreds of individuals have shared in and experienced her personal sensual, energetic style of crafting.

Seline's magick is something to be experienced, to be lived and to be transformed by, to bring into your everyday lives: to live with heart, soul, integrity and ecstasy. Seline is known as the Seductress who has a natural ability to bring out the sexual, sensual erotic in all who venture into her web! She has earned a great level of respect for herself, gaining recognition both throughout the Australian and international communities.

Spirit Kink Events


Spirit Kink’s Afternoon Delights

Hosted on the 1st Sunday of each month in 2020

Dress Code 
Minimum neat casual basic black or red.
Or Dress to impress in your favorite kinky, fetish, fantasy attire.

No effort, no entry.

Attendees to Bring:
If planning to play in the Web (dungeon) please BYO your toy box & towel.

Afternoon delights are BYO alcohol, however please review the Code of Conduct at the bottom of the page before deciding on whether to drink or not. 

**The pool is not in use over the winter months**

Shield yourself from the winter weather with Spirit Kink's Winter Indulgence at the Afternoon Delight.

Bring along your favourite toys each month to the Afternoon Delight gathering at Melbourne's kinkiest  luxury venue, Spirit Kink Sanctuary. Mingle, socialise, skill share and play with like-minded individuals.

The Afternoon Delight events are relaxed afternoons of nibbles, socialising and play to fortify us for the incoming month. 

Attendees will have full access to communal areas of the luxurious Spirit Sanctuary and the luscious Rania's Web for play. Spirit Kink will also be providing a selection of nibbles and tea and coffee and a warming fire for the winter months. 

Afternoon delight events prices are from $40 - $50 per person. 

As Spirit Kink prides themselves in providing a safe and intimate sanctuary we have a limited number of guests at each gathering.

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An Intimate Affair at Spirit Kink

Hosted monthly at Spirit Kink Sanctuary

Dress Code 
Minimum neat casual basic black or red.
Or Dress to impress in your favorite kinky, fetish, fantasy attire.

No effort, no entry.

Attendees to Bring:
If planning to play in the Web (dungeon) please BYO your toy box & towel.

We invite and welcome our guests to bring something to share for our table as our evening gatherings are not catered events.

An Intimate Affair evenings are BYO alcohol, however please review the Code of Conduct at the bottom of the page before deciding on whether to drink or not. 

Spirit Kink Accommodation:
Our rooms are on offer at a heavily discounted rate for those that may wish to Play and Stay after the evening formally comes to a close.

The accommodation rate includes tickets, early check-in and a latter check-out as well as a fabulous Continental breakfast. 

Contact Seline at to organise accomodation. 

Spirit Kink is proud to announce that we have heard you and are introducing Our Evening Play Parties, An Intimate Affair, monthly at Spirit Kink.  

Created with you in mind, our mission here at Spirit Kink continues to be the ability to provide a sensual, private and intimate sanctuary for all our guests to enjoy in a welcoming, inclusive and intimate way, a perfect place in which to mingle, socialise, skill share and play with like-minded individuals away from the hustle and bustle of the city with plenty of safe parking on property.

What to expect at our evening gathering: 

  • Doors will open promptly at 8-00 pm and close promptly by 9-30 pm, and event runs till 1-00 am.
  • Ribbon selection for those that wish to indulge.
  • Once all have arrived the evening will formally commence with a group Connection and Grounding ritual lead by your hostess, Priestess and Lady of the house.
  • A brief intro and house rules will be covered and then the evening is yours to indulge your desires and kinky pleasures.

PLEASE NOTE that upon receipt of PAYMENT a confirmation email shall be issued with location details.


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Private Couples Retreats and Workshops

By Appointment Only

By appointment Couples/Partner Retreats and Couples/Partner 
Private Intimacy Workshops are now available.

Priestess Seline offers private sessions for couples exploring sexuality, sensuality, erotic play and sexual magick.

Contact Seline Ines at to schedule a phone call or forward an email to discuss your personal requirements and cost. 

Spirited Kink
“Embodying Ritual” – Weekend Retreat

2020 Dates to be confirmed

Have you ever felt that your kinky, sensual, and erotic practices have taken you to places that touch upon something mysterious, sublime and possibly even transcendent?

Have you ever felt that your Magical practices may contain keys to unlocking deeper levels of passion, ecstasy and connection?

Would you like them to?

Seline and Hawthorn invite you to join them on a journey of magical exploration and inner discovery, as they take you into deeply connected sacred space where you can learn and practice the celebration of your own and others boundaries, celebrate giving and receiving deep and authentic consent; celebrate the exploration of your connections with Spirit and Eros, and revel in your whole self, free of judgement and expectation in a supportive and sacred environment.

Seline and Hawthorn, Priest/esses of BABALON (Sensual liberating avatar of the Great and Dark Mother) and BAPHOMET (Breaker of bindings and initiator into divine transgression and transcendence) will lead you on a journey to deepen your relationship with your primal sacred nature..

Practitioners of magick have known intuitively that the arts of sensuality, pleasure, physical sensation and emotional intensity can lend power and nuance to their magical workings.

Practitioners of kink, BDSM and Power exchange have long sensed the potential of their practices to initiate transcendent experiences and sensations.

In this workshop Seline and Hawthorn bring together their many years of experience and exploration in both these worlds to create an integrated experience of magick, power, sensuality, kink, BDSM and Power Exchange. In this workshop you will be introduced to the archetypal Goddzz of Magick and Witchery:

HEKATE - Queen of the cross roads, mistress of Magick, Goddzz of witches, symbol and archetype of illumination, exploration, spirit travel, magick and initiation into the mysteries.

BAPHOMET - Divine and infernal hermaphrodite, archetypal outsider, breaker of arbitrary bindings and limitations, liberator and initiator into ecstasy, trance-formation, transcendence and transmutation.

You will practice deepening and empowering your relationship with the elements of the circle of Arte and magick, and of yourself –

The grounded resilient strength of the elemental EARTH, physicality and your body.

The quicksilver powers of elemental AIR, of mind, intellect and discernment.

The burning focused will of elemental FIRE

The free flowing, empathetic emotional intelligence of elemental WATER.

When these four elements are balanced and integrated within the circle and the individual they open us to elemental SPIRIT, the force that connects, enlivens, gives meaning and makes sacred all things and all actions.

From this place of power and balance we will explore techniques of raising, sensing and directing the sacred energy of the body, heart mind, will and spirit - the energy of Eros and ecstasy, the energy of magick and transcendence.
In this grounded, balanced state of knowledge and ability we will practice entering the shadow world, the world of myth, magick and transmutation, then returning with knowledge and inspiration.

We will interact with HEKATE Archetypal Goddzz of witchcraft and trance-formation. We will practice techniques to invoke, sense and experience the presence and power of this Archetypal Goddzz.

HEKATE the opener of the ways will lead and support us as we call upon BAPHOMET, Archetypal Goddzz of the Witches Sabbat, the spirit ways, the witching ground, where outworn prejudices and limitations are sloughed away, transcended and transmuted into power, passion, integration and ecstasy.

From this place of power and liberation we will continue to practice the skills of Magick: invocation, evocation, contemplation, alternate realities and Archetypal Transmutation.

We will practice integrating our magick with the skills of kink, BDSM and Power Exchange, and the consciousness altering techniques of sensation, rhythm, catharsis and ordeal, with impact, rope, hands and minds.

With the loving empowering opening of the heart and mind through the practice of erotic and sensual skills, we will seek the liberation, ecstasy and freedom that comes from facing, integrating and balancing our shadow, our underworld and our psyche.

Finally, we will have the opportunity to weave these skills and practices together in a unique ritual experience of the Archetypal Witches Sabbat, presided over by HEKATE and BAPHOMET, and our own personal guides and guardians.


Dates to be confirmed.

In recognition of the multiple ways in which marginalisation and discrimination can adversely impact various identities, we are offering 2 free solidarity places to People of Colour, Trans people and single parents who are financially disadvantaged (Please contact us at for details).

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About your facilitators.

Seline is a natural psychic with a lifetime's experience interacting with the spirit world, as psychic, medium, healer and energy worker. In addition to these innate abilities they have over twenty two years formal experience as a Witch, Priestess, Healer and Ritual facilitator.

Seline is an extremely warm and genuine individual, whose intuitive and inspired ceremonies, personalised rituals, teachings, healings and psychic readings have enriched and transformed the lives and practices of those who have shared with them. Seline's many years of experience have given them a unique insight into the hearts, minds and potential of those they work with.

Over many years teaching and practising Witchcraft and Magick, Seline has made a name for herself as an extremely warm and genuine individual whose path is to offer ceremonies, personalised rituals, teaching and other services to those who require assistance and inspiration in these areas. This holistic, intuitive, personalised approach also defines Seline's philosophy in the practice of Kink, BDSM and alternative sexualities.

Their approach to Witchcraft and Kink brings together the intuitive aspects of energy, sensual exploration, and empowerment, so that those who practice with them may learn to trust in their own abilities as Kinky and Crafty practitioners.

Hawthorn has been practicing Witchcraft and Magick for nearly four decades. They developed an interest in alternative ways of experiencing the world after a visionary experience at sixteen years of age. After much searching, they discovered contemporary Witchcraft, and knew that they had found their way ‘Home’. A significant aspect of Hawthorn's Witchcraft practice is to manifest or ‘earth’ the magick of the ‘Archetypal Witch’ through ritual, art, altered states and everyday life!

Hawthorn's approach to Witchcraft and Magick is intuitive and intellectual, ecstatic and grounded. They perceive the Witch and their Arts as mythic realities that exist in and of themselves, but which can be accessed and manifested by those who have attuned themselves to the energies of the 'Archetypal Witch'.

Hawthorn's interest in alternative sexual and sensual expression began at about the same time as their mystical explorations and as with the former practices, Hawthorn has practiced and studied kink alone, with partners and in more public settings. The integration of these fields of experience has resulted in a natural and organic approach to teaching and practicing the sensual and esoteric arts.

Seline and Hawthorn have been practicing Magick together since 1998, with many years of experience each before that. During that time they have challenged and inspired each other to extend their understanding and their practice. Together and separately they have facilitated and presented challenging, informative and empowering workshops, rituals and Pagan gatherings.

Events Code of Conduct

  • NO SEX, NO PENETRATION OF ANY KIND (including toy’s etc.)