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An intimate, sensual, safe sex positive sanctuary which is situated on a private 2.5 acre bushland property in the leafy suburbs of Plenty Victoria Australia. Within a 30 min drive from the Melbourne Airport and as little as a 40 minute drive from the CBD.

The name Spirit Kink is a true statement of the energy which has been created and crafted, consciously and purposefully, for the Sex Positive Individuals and Communities, specifically for the LGBTQIA, Polyamorous, Kinksters, Naturalists, and Sex Positive Monogamous Couples and individuals, including those who are simply curious, desiring a truly unique experience.

Upon entering the gates here at Spirit Kink our house guests as all those who attend our events held within the sanctuary immediately feel a sense tranquillity, and within minutes of arriving soon forget the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives.

Spirit Kink empowers its guests to feel safe to express, explore, and truly be themselves without fear or shame.



The intent behind the creation of Spirit Kink™ was to create a tantalising space for individuals & communities from all walks to express and explore and experience their kinky desires and fantasies.

The space is equipped with all the luxuries one would expect from a high-class boutique style home.

Comprising of three glamourous double bedrooms accommodating between 8 – 13 guests.

With large open ‘guests’ area which include a formal sitting room, bathroom, this also includes a shared and fully equipped kitchen, personal guest fridge/freezer as well as our and dining area.

Fully Equipped

Rania’s Web


For those seeking a little more adventure we have created a sexually progressive dungeon’esque inspired environment known as “Rania’s Web”. The web itself has been created with elegance, sophistication and flair.

Working tirelessly alongside specialised engineers we have handcrafted Kink/BDSM equipment that accommodates all shapes and sizes.

We have spared no expense and have sourced equipment from every corner of the globe just to excite and delight you.

Our play area has overflowed to now include an undercover poolside play space with play equipment to be enjoyed by all.

Spirit Kink Pool Area

Relaxed Environs

Our house guests are invited to take advantage of our large solar heated pool and tranquil native Australian bushlands that make up this impressive 2.5-acre property.

Waking up to the songs of the bird life, or perhaps been greeted by our resident wildlife, Roo, Kiddy echidna and foxy locxcy.

Adding to the magic your hostess has made available their private outdoor grove which is used for Sacred rituals and a fabulous private space to simply recharge or to meditate in.

The private grove has been ever so popular with the spiritually minded.

Spirit Kink Sanctuary is ideal for smaller more intimate engagements or simply that very special someone, book a private room or the entire sanctuary!

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