Greetings Spirited Kinkster

Spirit Kink hopes that you and your beloveds are keeping safe and sane during this time.

We are delighted that you have stopped by for a visit and appreciate your interest in Spirit Kink BnB WE are delighted to be again OPEN.

Spirit Kink welcome all your email inquiries we working on updating our website, and introducing the delightful additions we have been working on during this time of closure.

Until then
Spirit Kink

Spirit Kink The Venue

Spirit Kink Sanctuary Kinky BnB

An intimate, sensual, safe sex positive sanctuary which is situated on a private 2.5 acre bushland property in the leafy suburbs of Plenty Victoria Australia. Within a 30 min drive from the Melbourne Airport and as little as a 40 minute drive from the CBD.

The name Spirit Kink is a true statement of the energy which has been created and crafted, consciously and purposefully, for the Sex Positive Individuals and Communities, specifically for the LGBTQIA, Polyamorous, Kinksters, Naturalists, and Sex Positive Monogamous Couples and individuals, including those who are simply curious, desiring a truly unique experience.

Upon entering the gates here at Spirit Kink our house guests as all those who attend our events held within the sanctuary immediately feel a sense tranquillity, and within minutes of arriving soon forget the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives.

Spirit Kink empowers its guests to feel safe to express, explore, and truly be themselves without fear or shame.